Revolution X Concept

Our Revolution X sci fi film has a thought-provoking storyline that touches on contemporary issues. We expect its themes to resonate with people worldwide, giving it universal appeal.

The concept has potential to have far wider reach than a film or game series. There are numerous opportunities to diversify into other platforms, game opportunities, applications, merchandising, online interactive video, books, fashion brand or even a TV series on Netflix, Prime or Sky.

Any one of these spin-offs will create additional income streams and franchise opportunities.

Beyond film and game one
the story arc

Just as The Matrix films established the concept of a dream state world then evolved into an action adventure, Revolution X: Nova, the first film in the series, sets the scene.

It introduces the concept that humanity has one last chance to save our souls for a higher purpose. Earth is a battleground between two races where human souls are what keeps the universe alive.

It achieves this through the intimate connection between the protagonists – a child and her psychiatrist who realises how important she is and his role in setting her free.

Further films or a TV series will see that struggle unfold.