Planet X Concept Creation Limited

We bring good ideas to life in a spectacular way.
Through the use of film, video, motion graphics, and animation.

We take the time to evaluate and understand each clients goals and objectives. Then deliver cost effective solutions which normally wins our clients awards.

Our approach

Our in-house production service is led by some of the most talented creatives in the industry who together have more than 60 years in the film and advertising sectors.

With SEIS and EIS clearance and backing from a group of investors, we are bringing the Revolution X concept to the cinema.

Building on the principles adopted in the development of our Revolution X we take a collaborative approach with any commission, and tap into our contacts and skill bases to make it happen for our clients.

Revolution X

Our Revolution X sci fi film has a thought-provoking storyline that touches on contemporary issues.

We expect its themes to resonate with people worldwide, giving it universal appeal.

Revolution X